ceramic table top with decorative tiles

We completed the crafting of an exquisite large ceramic table featuring our distinctive decorative ceramic tiles.

The process of creating these tables is intricate; simply adhering the tiles to the wooden base won’t suffice. Instead, we employ a meticulous method that entails applying a specialized silicon adhesive with a trowel. Unlike the common practice of affixing tiles with strips or dots of silicon glue, our approach ensures the wood becomes waterproof. This feature is particularly crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the ceramic table, preventing any warping when exposed to exterior conditions.

Choosing the right type of grout is equally significant. In contrast to many other ceramic tile table manufacturers, we opt for a premium epoxy grout. Although pricier than standard cement-based tile grouts, the longevity it provides far surpasses the initial cost. This decision is pivotal, especially when considering the table’s durability in outdoor settings.

Different decorative tile designs are available, which can be seen at our decorative tiles page

Certain clients appreciate incorporating our ceramic tile murals as tabletops for their tables. However, it’s advisable to choose a pattern that is visible to everyone seated around the table. In instances where clients insist on using a tile mural as the table’s pattern, we provide a mirrored version on the tabletop. This ensures that guests seated around the table can enjoy a cohesive and well-defined pattern from all perspectives. For a broader selection of our decorative ceramic tile murals, explore more options by clicking on the active link provided…..our tile murals.

This client asked for this specific pattern with another pending order of a circular table made to fit on her wooden table, which she will deliver to our studio. Its a much more complicated process to do round tables, but our tile artisans and installers will be up to the challenge.

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