Waterline Pool Tiles for

unique Decorative Swimming Pool Tile Design Ideas

waterline pool tiles

Spectacular highest quality porcelain waterline pool tiles , designed to be used as swimming pool liners and waterline tiles.

The opulent feel and dramatic tile effect with the movement of water reflected on the surrounding landscape.

Our decoartive waterline pool tiles are porcelain for maximum durability and frost resistance. They are more durable than mosaic tiles, glass tile or glass mosaics or regular ceramic tiles. The porcelain waterline tile is ideal for use in and around the pool area and with other water features such as fountains. Pool owners and pool builders use our porcelain pool tile material to give a powerful impact and as the perfect tile for irregular shapes due to its relatively small size. We work with pool designers to help in unique pool tile design and pool waterline tile ideas. An important factor in the final selection of your waterline pool tiles.

waterline pool tiles

Lorie series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Waterline Pool Tile

Lorie Dark Blue series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Aqua Series 15x15cm Pool Liner

Vart Waterline pool liner

Vart series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Set Series Dark Blue waterline pool tile

Set Series Dark Blue Pool Liner

Set Series Light Blue Pool Liner

Porcelain Pool tile

Wave Series Dark Blue Pool Liner

Wave series pool tiles

Wave Series Light Blue Pool Liner

Nano Light blue swimming pool tile

Nano Light Blue Waterline Pool Tile

Nano Dark Blue waterline swimming pool tiles

Nano Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Swimming Pool Tiles

Chain Series Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Chain series porcelain pool tile

Chain Series Light Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Dark Blue swimming Pool Liner

Hisham Series Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Hisham Swimmin Pool Waterline tile

Hisham Series Light Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Porcelain swimming pool liner

Persian Series Waterline Pool Tiles

Loral 15x15cm porcelain swimming pool tiles

Floral Series Waterline Pool Tiles

One of the first design elements to draw in your eyes on a swimming pool is the tile along the waterline and on features such as elevated spas, infinity edges, raised bond beam (pool walls) above the water surface. We will enhance your waterline pool tile ideas with our   skilled artisans . You will create the new pool of your dreams by giving it a high quality distinctive look. With the variety of bright colors, color scheme and the right tile we will make your pool’s waterline tile the focal point of your outdoor installation or existing pool. The glossy  waterline pool tile 6×6 inch band is ideal for irregular pool shapes,curves, hard water and calcium deposits. Our glossy porceelain ceramic pool tile used on outdoor pool surfaces are easier to clean from these mineral deposits and are not affetcted by chemical treatment of the pool’s wall tile. We use white color relatively glossy tiles with a top coating of fired transparent glaze for good reason since the actual color of the tiles will not be effected from natural light or bright sunlight hitting the top of the pool. In recent years our tiles have become the right choice and a popular choice for luxury hotels and a popular trend to give a dramatic look for the surface of the pool . Although natural stone tiles, glass pool tile, earthy tones and the stone look are a good choice and a common choice, the wide variety of rich colors gives our cliets a variety of options for pool waterline applications.

For more than 30 years the Balian Tile studio of Jerusalem has been producing custom ceramic pool liners and swimming pool tiles.The tile designs are truly unique in their originality and quality to other decorative waterline pool tiles available on the internet. We can also do custom pool liners and waterline pool tile designs according to client specification depending on quantity of tiles ordered. We guarantee our frost resistant tiles for colder climates and recommend the regular pool tiles for climates where temperature does not fall below freezing . Actual samples may be sent at a small fee for interior designers

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