Premium Porcelain Waterline Pool Tiles for Stunning Pool Liners and Designs

Elevate Your Pool’s Aesthetics with Durable and Frost-Resistant Porcelain Tiles

waterline pool tiles

Spectacular highest quality porcelain waterline pool tiles , designed to be used as swimming pool liners and waterline tiles.

The opulent feel and dramatic tile effect with the movement of water reflected on the surrounding landscape.

Our decorative pool waterline tiles are porcelain for maximum durability and frost resistance. They are more durable than mosaic tiles, glass tile or glass mosaics or regular ceramic tiles. The porcelain waterline tile is ideal for use in and around the pool area and with other water features such as fountains. Pool owners and pool builders use our porcelain pool tile material to give a powerful impact and as the perfect tile for irregular shapes due to its relatively small size. We work with pool designers to help in unique pool tile design and pool waterline tile ideas. An important factor in the final selection of your waterline pool tiles.

pool waterline tile

Lorie series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Lori Dark Blue pool waterline tile porcelain

Lorie Dark Blue series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Aqua Fish series pool waterline porcelain tile

Aqua Series 15x15cm Pool Liner

Vart Waterline pool liner

Vart series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Set Series Dark Blue waterline pool tile

Set Series Dark Blue Pool Waterline Tile

Set Light Blue small

Set Series Light Blue Pool Waterline Tile

pool waterline tile

Wave Series Dark Blue Pool Waterline Tile

Porcelain Wave Series Light Blue Pool waterline tile

Wave Series Light Blue Pool Waterline Tile

Nano Light blue swimming pool tile

Nano Light Blue Waterline Pool Tile

Nano Dark Blue waterline swimming pool tiles

Nano Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Swimming Pool Tiles

Chain Series Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Chain series porcelain pool tile

Chain Series Light Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Dark Blue swimming Pool Liner

Hisham Series Dark Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Hisham Swimmin Pool Waterline tile

Hisham Series Light Blue Series Waterline Pool Tile

Porcelain swimming pool liner

Persian Series Waterline Pool Tiles

Loral 15x15cm porcelain swimming pool tiles

Floral Series Waterline Pool Tiles

Elevate your swimming pool’s design with our exquisite waterline pool tiles, specially crafted by skilled artisans at Balian Ceramics. The waterline tile, tracing the perimeter of your pool and accentuating features like spas, infinity edges, and raised bond beams, is a key focal point in pool aesthetics.

Upgrade Your Pool’s Aesthetics with Porcelain 6×6 Inch Waterline Tiles

Transform your pool area into a refined and fashionable space by incorporating our high-quality porcelain 6×6 inch waterline pool tiles. At Balian Ceramics, our artisans create stunning designs that captivate and impress. Meticulously handcrafted with top-tier materials, our tiles not only boast longevity but also add a distinctive touch to your dream pool.

Versatile Designs for a Seamless Integration with Your Pool Landscape

Choose from our diverse selection of contemporary patterns, abstract designs, and traditional Armenian motifs to find the perfect match for your pool waterline. Our bespoke design services further allow you to create a unique tile that meets your specific requirements, ensuring your pool stands out in style.

Practical and Aesthetic Benefits of Waterline Pool Tiles

Beyond enhancing the visual appeal, our waterline pool tiles offer practical advantages. They safeguard your pool’s structure from water and chemical damage, preventing issues like algae formation. Our tiles can be configured in various ways to create visual continuity or add a pop of color, making your pool area more inviting.

Trust Balian Armenian Ceramics for Expert Installation

Selecting an installer with a solid reputation and extensive experience is crucial for waterline tile installation. Our team of knowledgeable professionals at Balian Armenian Ceramics ensures the proper selection and installation of your pool tiles, guaranteeing longevity and visual appeal for years to come.

Explore Our Unique Collection at Your Convenience

Visit our website’s swimming pool tiles project gallery to explore our entire collection of exquisite waterline pool tiles. Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly find the perfect tile for your pool area.

Unmatched Quality with Balian Tile Studio

With over 30 years of experience, Balian Tile Studio has been a pioneer in crafting custom ceramic porcelain pool liners and swimming pool tiles. Our unique designs set us apart from other decorative waterline pool tiles available online. We also offer custom pool liners and waterline tile designs tailored to your specifications.

Guaranteed Frost Resistance and Sample Availability

Rest easy knowing our frost-resistant tiles are suitable for colder climates, while our regular pool tiles are ideal for warmer temperatures. We offer actual samples for a small fee, catering to the needs of interior designers and ensuring you make an informed decision.

For comprehensive information on waterline pool tile installation, contact us today. Transform your pool area into a masterpiece with Balian Armenian Ceramics.

You may view our entire collection on our website in our swimming pool tiles project gallery. While you’re there, you can search for the pool waterline tile that is just right for your area.

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