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 Balian Decorative Hand Painted Tiles & Pottery Studio of Jerusalem

Since 1922

A world renowned hand painted tiles & tile murals studio.

The Artistic Tile Paintings & Tile Art of the Artist and a Master Potter.

The story of Marie and Setrak Balian on Wikipedia

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Waterline pool tiles

Want magnificent hand-painted tiles, tile murals, pool waterline tiles, and ornamental tiles? You need go no farther than Balian Hand Painted Tiles for high-quality and distinctive tile designs.

Our hand-painted tiles are created with the highest care and attention to detail utilizing age-old techniques. Skilled artisans hand-paint each tile, guaranteeing that no two pieces are identical. Whether you’re wanting to add a splash of color to your kitchen backsplash, build an eye-catching accent wall, or create a one-of-a-kind pool, these tiles are guaranteed to dazzle.

At Balian Hand Painted Tiles, we also provide a vast collection of tile murals with magnificent scenes and patterns that can elevate any environment. Our tile murals, which range from humorous landscapes to detailed patterns, are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit every taste and budget.

Our waterline pool tiles are a must-see for anyone wishing to add a touch of elegance to their pool. These beautiful tiles are intended to match any pool design, and their sturdy construction means that they will continue to look excellent for many years.

Lastly, our painted tiles are ideal for bringing a touch of refinement and elegance to any environment. From complex tile borders to magnificent tile murals, these decorative tiles are certain to infuse your house with charm and personality.

At Balian Hand Painted Tiles, we are dedicated to provide our customers the finest hand painted tiles, tile murals, waterline pool tiles, and ornamental tiles. See the beauty and workmanship of our items firsthand by shopping with us.

The creative touch of hand-painted, handcrafted tiles and tile murals from the Balian tile art studio may enhance bathroom, kitchen, and pool design concepts. From our large range of animal motifs, geometric patterns, and bespoke tiles, you may discover the ideal tile to match your specific design concept. This Tile studio is an excellent spot to locate a burst of color or a conversation-starting piece. Any area will be enhanced by the addition of tiles with motifs ranging from bold geometric patterns to soothing animal prints. Incorporating Balian tiles in your next renovation might be an excellent method to add elegance to a room.

Our Tile Design Projects Gallery

Since 1922, the Balian studio has been manufacturing hand-painted tiles, ornamental accent tiles , tile murals, and decorative tiles. These products can be found in both residential and commercial settings. In addition to the regular tile art and tile designs that are featured on our website, we also specialize in creating artistic tile paintings and tile art  designs that are unique to the customer. We collaborate closely with homeowners, interior designers, and architects to fulfill all of their tile design requirements, whether it be for tiles to be installed in bathrooms, kitchen tile backsplashes , or waterline swimming pool liners.

Although the majority of our decorative tiles are on 15×15 cm tiles, we are able to adjust the size of the tiles to border tiles, subway tiles, and virtually any other tile size up to 30×30 cm tiles for hand painted tile patterns. In addition, the Balian tile studio is an expert in the relatively new field of digital ceramic, which enables any tile pattern to be created.