Alphonse Mucha Tile Art by Balian

Decorative vintage custom tile reproductions of the beautiful artwork by Alphonse Mucha.

All  these beautiful tile designs are reproduced on 15x15cm ceramic tiles and then fired in a ceramic tile kiln to more than 900 Centigrade.

This for of tile art is extremely durable and can be used for both interior and exterior tile design applications.

Custom designs and tile mural sizes can be ordered.

Since childhood I have always been in love with the stunning tile art of Alhonse Mucha murals reproduced all over Europe. I decided to iclude this form of tile art in our collection so as to give our clients a wider range of choice and not limited to Armenian patterns which we are also quite proud of.

These tiles are reproduced through a combined technique of digital printing( with ceramic colors) , screen printing, hand brushing of glazes and hand painting. The final result is a stunning tile of the highest quality . It is a form of tile art which enhances the current Balian collection.

If you do not see and Mucha images shown on this page which you would like reproduced then you can send us a high quality Alphonse Mucha image/file which we will gladly reproduce for you.

More images of his tile art canbe found on the following page