Balian Studio: Hand-Painted Tile Murals for Breathtaking Spaces

Elevate your home or business with stunning hand-painted tile murals by Balian Studio.

We offer exquisite ceramic murals crafted on both regular and porcelain tiles, making them suitable for both interior and exterior design projects, including:

Transform your bathroom walls, shower area, and floors with captivating bespoke murals.

Create a breathtaking backsplash with our hand-painted ceramic murals.

Enhance your outdoor living areas with our durable porcelain tile murals, perfect for cold climates.

Our murals are fully customizable in size and design:

 Your vision, brought to life: Share your own design or work with our talented artists to create a unique mural.

 Optional color and design modifications: Tailoring the mural to perfectly match your aesthetic preferences.

 Regular and porcelain tiles: Choose the ideal material depending on your project and desired durability.

Why choose Balian Studio for your next tile mural project?

 Unparalleled artistry: Each hand-painted mural is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.

 Durable and long-lasting: We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure your mural will endure for years to come.

 Versatility: Our murals can be incorporated into any design style, from classic to contemporary.

 Customizable: Create a mural that is uniquely yours, matching your specific vision and preferences.

 Experienced team: We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you with every step of the process.

Contact Balian Studio today to discuss your hand-painted tile mural project and receive a free quote.

The Palm Tree

Truly outstanding tile mural design depicting a Palm Tree in the middle of the mural with gazelles on the sides. Used as bathroom tile murals and for kitchen tile backsplashes.

The Chagall Peacocks

A fantastic creation of Marie Balian depicting two Peacocks on a fountain. In memory of the famous artist Marc Chagal who visited our tile studio and painted a few tiles .

  • Peacock ceramic tile mural

The Armenian Mosaic of Mousrara

The tile mural inspired by a mosaic floor mural found in the Mousrara section of East Jerusalem. A popular tile mural installation for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tile ideas

  • Armenian Mosaic tile mural
The Cypress Tree

A unique tile mural quite popular with bathroom tile decorations used as a focal point of the bathroom. Smaller version can be used as a kitchen tile backsplah mural

  • Cyprus Tree tile mural

The Olive Tree of Jerusalem

Fantastic tile mural designed by Marie Balian depicting her idea of a peaceful Jerusalem garden. Used in both bathroom and kitchen design ideas. Also used as outdoor tile murals

  • Olive Tree of Jerusalem hand painted tile mural

Mirror Peacocks

Spectacular mirror images of two peacocks used in kitchen, bathroom and pool tile mural ideas. Can be modified to fit larger tile areas.

  • Hand painted ceramic tile mural by Balian
The Dancing Gazelles

A dancing Cyrus Tree tile mural with free roaming peaceful gazelles. A perfect tile design for kitchen backsplash murals and bathroom wall murals

  • Dancing Gazelle tile mural
The Tree of Life of Ancient Jericho

The Armenian Ceramics classic pattern which we have been doing for many years. The tile murals can be modified to various sizes. The most popular kitchen tile backsplash design idea.

Fountain of Youth Tile Murals

One of Marie Balians last ceramic tile murals depicts her desire to find the fountain of youth at 92 years of age

  • ceramic til murals fountain of youth

For over a century, the Balian family has mastered the art of crafting ceramic tile murals. The visionary behind these remarkable creations was Marie Balian, a globally renowned ceramic tile muralist and the principal designer of the Balian studio. Marie, with French Armenian roots and a Beaux Art School of Lyon, France education, exhibited her works internationally, including at prestigious venues like the Smithsonian Museum of Washington, DC, the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, Bancaja Alicante in Spain, and the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

Immerse Yourself in Paradise: Hand-Painted Tile Murals by Balian Studio

Balian Studio proudly carries on the legacy of Marie Balian, a renowned artist whose hand-painted tile murals were celebrated as “visions of paradise.” Our meticulous reproductions maintain the highest standards, ensuring that discerning clients can continue to own a piece of her unique artistic vision.

Marie’s vibrant murals, featuring life and nature, captivated audiences worldwide under the theme “Views of Paradise.” Even today, their distinctive identity and rich legacy continue to inspire awe and delight.

Experience the enduring beauty of hand-crafted art. Each Balian Studio tile mural is meticulously hand-decorated on special ceramic tiles and fired at high temperatures for optimal durability. Unlike fade-prone sublimation murals, our kiln-fired creations withstand all weather conditions, making them ideal for exterior applications.

Large-scale projects are a breeze with our numbered tiles and installation maps. We recommend the smallest grout width possible for a seamless and stunning finish.

Balian Studio offers more than just exquisite artwork. We believe that tile murals are a unique way to infuse any space with personality and charm. From kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms to swimming pools and outdoor living areas, our murals are crafted from premium ceramics or porcelain, boasting vibrant colors and designs to suit your individual style.

Easy to install and maintain, our tile murals are a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor settings. Explore our diverse collection today and discover the perfect artistic touch to transform your space into a personal paradise.