Spectacular hand painted ceramic tile murals .

These tile murals can be used both for internal and outdoor tile design projects.

The tile murals shown can also be modified ( within limitations of height to width ratio ) for various sizes. Custom work can also be done on  murals in regards to color and some design modification at additional cost.

The Balian family has been painting ceramic tile  murals for more than 90 years. The main designer and painter of the Balian studio responsible for these spectacular tile murals was Marie Balian, a world renowned ceramic tile muralist. Her works have been exhibited all over the world and still enjoy huge popularity. Unfortunately she is no longer able to work on her famous ceramic murals but we copy them to the highest detail and sell directly to discerning clients all over the world.

All of our tile murals are hand painted on special ceramic tiles and then fired to a maximum temperature of 1000 Centigrade ,till the colors melt into the tiles for maximum durability. We do not offer sublimation murals whereby the image and design fades away after being exposed to sunlight. These are true fired ceramic  murals which our clients can use under all weather conditions. Use our murals for bathroom tile and kitchen backsplash tile installations.  They can also be great for outdoor landscape tile design ideas and clients have had fantastic results when using them as part of swimming pool design projects in combination with our ceramic waterline pool liners.