Exquisite hand crafted ceramic painted tile murals

These decorative tile murals are both for internal and outdoor tile design projects.

Beautiful bathroom tile projects can be achieved using our unique murals in the shower area, bathroom area, exterior landscape designs and table tops.

Spectacular kitchen tile backsplash designs are achieved using Balian ceramic murals. Custom tile murals by request

For cold climates where the tile mural is for outdoor application and outdoor space, we recommend our custom ceramic murals painted on porcelain tiles.

The breathtaking ceramic murals seen below may be adjusted (within the constraints of the height to width ratio) for a variety of sizes. These murals may also be modified in terms of color and design for an extra fee. Our murals may be applied to your new home’s bathroom walls, shower walls, and bathroom floors utilizing the finest porcelain tiles available. They may be an excellent addition to any shower enclosure or sink area. Using our high-temperature ceramic wall tiles for floor applications with your own design or bespoke designs can lend an original touch to your interior space ideas.

Using our ceramic tile murals around the hot tub area, bathroom shower walls, and kitchen worktops is also a fantastic option. These are not Mexican tile murals, but rather intricate paintings that, when combined with natural stones, beautiful ceramic tiles, and accent tiles, will give any interior design project a breathtaking appearance. These square tiles in vibrant light blue, dark blue, and turquoise green will give your home’s interior and exterior a distinctive appearance.

The Palm Tree

Truly outstanding tile mural design depicting a Palm Tree in the middle of the mural with gazelles on the sides. Used as bathroom tile murals and for kitchen tile backsplashes.

The Chagall Peacocks

A fantastic creation of Marie Balian depicting two Peacocks on a fountain. In memory of the famous artist Marc Chagal who visited our tile studio and painted a few tiles .

  • Peacock ceramic tile mural

The Armenian Mosaic of Mousrara

The tile mural inspired by a mosaic floor mural found in the Mousrara section of East Jerusalem. A popular tile mural installation for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tile ideas

  • Armenian Mosaic tile mural
The Cypress Tree

A unique tile mural quite popular with bathroom tile decorations used as a focal point of the bathroom. Smaller version can be used as a kitchen tile backsplah mural

  • Cyprus Tree tile mural

The Olive Tree of Jerusalem

Fantastic tile mural designed by Marie Balian depicting her idea of a peaceful Jerusalem garden. Used in both bathroom and kitchen design ideas. Also used as outdoor tile murals

  • Olive Tree of Jerusalem hand painted tile mural

Mirror Peacocks

Spectacular mirror images of two peacocks used in kitchen, bathroom and pool tile mural ideas. Can be modified to fit larger tile areas.

  • Hand painted ceramic tile mural by Balian
The Dancing Gazelles

A dancing Cyrus Tree tile mural with free roaming peaceful gazelles. A perfect tile design for kitchen backsplash murals and bathroom wall murals

  • Dancing Gazelle tile mural
The Tree of Life of Ancient Jericho

The Armenian Ceramics classic pattern which we have been doing for many years. The tile murals can be modified to various sizes. The most popular kitchen tile backsplash design idea.

Fountain of Youth Tile Murals

One of Marie Balians last ceramic tile murals depicting her desire to find the fountain of youth at 92 years of age
  • ceramic til murals fountain of youth

The Balian family has been painting ceramic tile murals for more than 100 years. The main designer and painter of the Balian studio responsible for these spectacular ceramic murals is Marie Balian. She was a world renowned ceramic tile muralist.My mother Marie Balian was of French Armenian roots and a graduate of the Beaux Art School of lyon, France.  Her works were exhibited all over the world including the Smithsonian Museum of Washington DC , Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, Bancaja Alicante( Spain) , Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and still enjoy huge popularity.

Unfortunately Marie passed away in 2917 but we reproduce  her famous ceramic murals but we to the highest detail and sell directly to discerning clients looking for unique pieces of tile mural art.

Her ceramic murals are a celebration of life and nature. She always interpreted her murals as her visions of paradise and several of her worldwide exhibitions were held under the heading of  Views of Paradise . Marie Balian leaves a rich legacy of unique ceramic tile mural art with a distinct identity of her own which we continue to reproduce to this present day.

All of our tile murals are hand decorated on special ceramic tiles and then fired to a maximum temperature of 1000 Centigrade. At these high temperatures the colors melt into the tile glaze for maximum durability. We do not offer sublimation murals whereby the image and design fades away after being exposed to sunlight. These are true fired ceramic murals which our clients can use under all weather conditions. When clients order our large ceramic tile murals all the tiles are numbered in the back and a map is given to the client with the position of each ceramic tile on the map. This facilitates the installation of the tile mural at the final destination. In regards to the tile grout width we recommend the smallest tile grout width possible.

Tile murals are a beautiful and unique way to add art to your home or business. Our tile murals are crafted from high-quality ceramics or porcelain and feature stunning designs and vibrant colors. Whether you’re looking for a custom mural or a pre-designed one, we have a wide selection to choose from. Our tile murals are perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, swimming pools, and more. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Browse our collection today and find the perfect tile mural for your space!