The Tree of Life Ceramic Tile Mural

The Tree Of Life

Size 30cmx30cm

Hand painted Tile murals by Balian

The Tree Of Life

Size 45cmx45cm

Tree of life tile mural

Hisham’s Palace Tree Of Life Mosaic.
Qasr Hisham (Hisham’s Palace) is just five kilometers north of Jericho. The palace was a country residence, built in AD 743 by Al-Walid Ibn Yazid, although it owes its name to his uncle, the Umayyad caliph Hisham Ibn Abd Al-Malik, who ruled an empire stretching from India to the Pyrenees. The palace is a complex of residential quarters, baths, mosques, and colonnaded courts. Its mosaics and stucco ornaments are fine examples of early Islamic architecture.

Experts believe that an earthquake destroyed the palace before it was completed. Thus the accumulated sand and debris helped to preserve the palace’s lovely mosaics. The mosaic floors of the baths are a major attraction, but the Tree of Life  is one of the most beautiful mosaics in the Near East. Its vibrant green and gold colors are just astounding, as is its subject.

There are several versions as to why this beautiful mosaic is called the Tree of Life. The most well known version is that while the gazelle on the right is being attacked by the lion, the gazelles on the left are calmly eating the leaves of the Tree. Translated into the fact that… while people suffer the rest continue with their lives.

The Tree Of Life

Size 60cmx60cm With B2 Border

three of live 60

Client installations & Design Ideas for the use of The Tree of Life tile mural

The Sizes of these unique tile murals can be modified to as high or as wide as possible but bearing in mind the proportions of the width to height