22 cm  decorative wall plates

Beautifully hand painted decorative wall plates painted in Jerusalem by the famous Balian Studio.

Fired to almost 1000 Centigrade they will enhance the wall or dinner table of any home.

A one-of-a-kind and lovely method to bring a touch of nature and elegance into any space in your house is with decorative wall plates with animal and flower themes. These plates are ideal for people who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to bring some of it inside. The wall plates can be used as the centerpiece of any area and can go well with the current furnishings.

Embrace nature’s charm with captivating decorative wall plates:

Transform your space with the exquisite artistry of decorative wall plates adorned with enchanting animal and floral motifs. Ideal for nature lovers seeking to bring the outdoors in, these versatile pieces add a touch of elegance and personality to any room.

Finding your perfect plate:

Before embarking on your decorative journey, consider these key aspects:

  • Style Harmony: Let your existing decor guide your plate choices. Rustic or country settings sing with earthy, natural themes, while contemporary spaces welcome abstract or stylized animal and floral renditions.
  • Material Matters: From the timeless beauty of ceramic and porcelain, explore a variety of ceramic materials to complement your style and ensure lasting enjoyment.
  • Displaying with Flair: Unveil your chosen treasures! Plate hangers and wall racks offer a space-saving solution, while plate stands and gallery walls create captivating focal points.

The gift that keeps on giving:

Beyond their own captivating charm, decorative wall plates make delightful gifts. Adaptable, easy to find, and available in a kaleidoscope of styles and trends, they cater to every taste and budget. From nature-inspired themes to artistic expressions, discover the perfect plate to spark joy.

A final flourish for your haven:

Decorative wall plates, adorned with the captivating beauty of nature, breathe life into any space. With an abundance of styles, materials, and price points to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to reflect your unique taste and budget. Let these enchanting creations become stunning centerpieces, thoughtful gifts, and cherished accents that transform your house into a haven you’ll love returning to.

Embrace the allure of nature, one captivating plate at a time.