Hand Painted 29 cm Decorative Plates

Spectacular hand painted wall plates from Jerusalem

These unique ceramic plates can be used as decorative plates or even functional dinnerware plates.

The Balian Studio of Jerusalem has been producing hand painted decoarative plates and collector plates for more than 100 years now. We manufacture our own plates from the best white firing raw clay imported from Italy. After bisque firing them in ceramic kilns to a temperature of more than 1000 Centigrade , the decorative plates are hand painted and then fired again to about 1000 Centigrade. We use European lead free glazes for food safety. Our decorative plates can be used both as a fynctional dinner plate item and also decorative ,,,such as hanging on kitchen walss etc.

Smaller and larger sizes can be found on this webiste.

Most of these decorative and collector plates were designed by the late Marie Balian and we currently continue this rich tradition and heritage.