Outdoor Tiles & Landscape Tile Design Ideas

Use our decorative ceramic tiles to design stunning outdoor tile fountains and tile murals. For cold areas we recommend the tile patterns to be painted on our porcelain tiles so as to make the whole landscape tile project frost resistant. In terms of size we can start from 10×10 cm and move all the way to 30×30 cm tiles to make spectacular fountain and tile murals. Our custom outdoor tiles will withstand all exterior elements such as rain, sun and frost.

The Balian studio has been producing hand painted ceramic tiles, tile murals and decorative tiles since 1922. Apart from our standard tile art and tile designs which you see on this website we also specialize in custom tile designs. We work closely with homeowners, interior designers, Landscape designers and architects to meet all their tile design requirements, be it for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and swimming pool liners. Most of our decorative tiles  are on 15×15 cm tiles but we can change the sizes to border tiles, subway tiles and most other tile sizes all the way to 30×30 cm tiles for hand painted tile patterns. The Balian tile studio also specializes in the relatively new art of digital ceramic whereby any tile design image sent to us can be reproduced on ceramic tiles . These are fired ceramic tiles and patterns which will withstand all interior and exterior usage. All of our tiles can be used both as wall and floor tiles. For extreme conditions such as frost we hand paint or print on special frost resistant porcelain outdoor tiles. We recommend these tiles for swimming pool liners and waterline tile borders. Please also have a look at tour ceramic tile murals pages to see why we excel in mural designs.