Art Deco Tiles

Unique Vintage Tile reproductions of Art Deco Tile and the Art Nouveau periods of the 19th Century.

We try to produce quality tile reproductions and custom tiles using techniques of screen printing, hand painting and hand glazing.

Art Deco Tiles are reproduced on 15x15cm tiles but can be done on other sizes too.

Can do custom tile designs according to client specifications.

Art Nouveau  is an international style of art, architecture and applied art. especially the decorative arts,that was most popular between 1890 and 1910. A reaction to the academic art of the 19th century, it was inspired by natural forms and structures, particularly the curved lines of plants and flowers.

Art Nouveau is considered a total art style,, embracing architecture, graphic art, interior design, and most of the decorative arts including ceramic tiles, jewelry, furniture, textiles, household silver and other utensils, and lighting,, as well as the fine arts. According to the philosophy of the style, art should be a way of life. For many well-off Europeans, it was possible to live in an art nouveau-inspired house with  furniture, silverware, fabrics, ceramics including tableware, jewelry, cigarette cases, etc. Artists desired to combine the fine arts and applied arts, even for utilitarian objects.

Just a few of the Vintage Art Deco Tiles & Reproductions shown below.

Send us a high quality image of an Art Deco Tile which you want reproduced and we will send you a quote.

More choices of Art Deco Tiles can be seen at the following Historical Page which we can duplicate.

When trying to add a touch of classic elegance to their home design, homeowners can choose art deco tiles because they are fashionable and classic. These tiles have striking geometric patterns and vivid colors that are reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco era. They are a popular option for backsplashes and accent walls in bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers.

There are a few considerations to make while selecting art deco tiles for your home. The first step is to think about the general design of your room. You might wish to choose tiles with simple designs and clean lines if your house is modern. On the other side, you might choose to select tiles with more elaborate designs if your house is more traditional.

The size of the tile should be taken into account as well. Art deco tiles are available in a range of sizes, including conventional 15x15cm tiles and large format 20x20cm tiles. Choose a tile size that will fit the area where it will be installed by taking into account the size of the room. Large size tiles can make a room appear wider and more open, while smaller tiles are perfect for detailed designs and borders.

When selecting art deco tiles, it’s also crucial to think about the color palette of your room. Choose a color scheme that harmonizes with the colors already present in your house because art deco tiles are recognized for their vivid, striking hues. While colorful tiles can be utilized to create a joyful and vibrant ambiance, black and white tiles with a splash of color can produce a modern and minimalist effect.

In addition to being stunning, art deco tiles are also strong and simple to maintain. They can survive heavy traffic and normal wear and tear because they are composed of ceramic and porcelain. They can be sealed to shield them from stains and moisture, and they are also simple to clean.

Art Deco tiles are not only a fashionable option but also a useful one. They are a fantastic alternative for high-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens since they are adaptable, strong, and simple to clean. They are a wise investment because they can raise the value of your house.

In general, art deco tiles are a fashionable and classic option for any home. To bring a touch of vintage elegance to your home decor, they come in a broad variety of design possibilities and may be utilized in many different contexts. You can be sure to find the ideal art deco tiles to match your own style and the requirements of your home thanks to the wide range of sizes, hues, and patterns available.