Hand decorated  fireplace tiles and Ideas.

Free Design ideas using our fireplace tiles if you need any assistance in designing your Ideal fireplace.


Your fireplace is where you can emphasize the distinct look and feel of your room. Use our modular decorative tile designs and our subway tile borders to come up with unlimited amount of options as to best design your fireplace with our decorative tiles.

If you still cant decide then email us a simple layout of your fireplace tile area and we will help you design one for you. You can use these decorative fireplace tiles as a surround tile around the fireplace opening and also use them for the floor design as hearth tile. Using our white tile with different colors and designs painted on them you and interior designers can give the perfect look. Fireplace tile ideas for a different look ? then use our higher temperature porcelain tile designs to make your fireplace makeover the focal point of the room.

Tile fireplaces using our simple decorative tiles have to withstand high-temperature applications. That is why we reccomend our porcelain tiles as an excellent choice to withstand the high temperatures of the horizontal surface in front of the actual fire of wood fireplaces, electric fireplace or gas fireplace. These durable tiles are a popular choice and perfect choice for new tile fireplace surround ideas.

When you sit in front of a warm fireplace, either a stone fireplace or an old fireplace with a small space using Balian fireplace then you

The following fireplace tile images was for a project done in 2005  using a mix of silk screening, digital printing and hand painting . The project was for the Singer Foundation in the US.

These Custom tiles were the perfect choic and fireplace panels made up of e for a stylish look involving modern fireplaces with different types of tile designs. This is an example of a rustic feel,mantel decor,firebox opening custom design as a great option to have an attractive focal point with custom classic ceramic tiles to achieve a wide range of styles for a contemporary look.

Because there are so many different Balian fireplace tile alternatives, you may pick one that complements your particular personal style and makes a statement. With the help of our custom tile design service, give your living room a sleek, classic, or modern appearance with a monochromatic design and subtle contemporary patterns.

Any fireplace design must use fireplace tiles. They shield the walls and flooring near the fireplace from heat and sparks in addition to giving the area a decorative touch. We have a large selection of fireplace tiles at Armenian Ceramics that are both attractive and useful.

Ceramic tiles are one of the most widely used options for fireplace tiles. Clay and other minerals are combined to create ceramic tiles, which are then burned at high temperatures. They become strong, heat-resistant, and cleanable as a result of this treatment. They are a versatile alternative for any fireplace design because they are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Natural stone tiles are yet another well-liked selection for fireplace cladding. Granite, marble, and travertine are used to create natural stone tiles. They are strong and heat-resistant, and they lend a sense of richness and refinement to any fireplace design. These tiles cost more than ceramic tiles, though, and they also need more upkeep.

Additionally, we provide hand-painted fireplace tiles, which are a distinctive and attractive choice. The experienced craftspeople who make these tiles employ a number of methods to produce their unique patterns and designs. They are ideal for anyone who wish to give their fireplace design a little personality and character.

We provide contemporary options like glass and metal tiles in addition to the conventional fireplace tiles. If you want a modern style, glass tiles are a terrific choice, while metal tiles are ideal if you want a more industrial vibe.

No matter what kind of fireplace tiles you select, it’s crucial to ensure appropriate installation. Our team of professionals at Armenian Ceramics can assist you in choosing the ideal tiles for your fireplace design and guarantee proper installation.

In conclusion, the design of any fireplace must include fireplace tiles. They come in a variety of designs and materials, give a decorative touch, and shield the flooring and walls near the fireplace. Our team of professionals can assist you in choosing and installing the ideal tiles for your fireplace design at Armenian Ceramics, where we provide a vast selection of fireplace tiles to fit any aesthetic.

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