Decorative Fireplace Tiles

Spectacular decorative ceramic tiles to give a truly unique look to your fireplace

Your fireplace is where you can emphasize the distinct look and feel of your room. Use our modular decorative tile designs and our subway tile borders to come up with unlimited amount of options as to best design your fireplace with our decorative tiles. If you still cant decide then email us a simple layout of your fireplace tile area and we will help you design one for you. You can use these decorative fireplace tiles as a surround tile around the fireplace opening and also use them for the floor design.

The following fireplace tile images was for a project done in 2005  using a mix of silk screening, digital printing and hand painting . The project was for the Singer Foundation in the US.

The sheer variety of tile options available for your fireplace area means you can find a Balian Tile that will both make a statement and fit with your unique personal style. Create a sleek, traditional or modern feel with a monochromatic design and subtle contemporary patterns with our custom tile design service. Achieve an antique look by installing standard decorative Balian decorative tiles, establish a classic mood with Victorian fireplace tile patterns or add and custom look with our special fireplace tiles such as Alfonso Mucha Series . From Art Deco to vintage, our expert store associates can help you set the tone with a fashionable, long-lasting tile design that will make your fireplace wall stand out for years to come. All of our fireplace tiles are fired to about 1000 Centigrade for maximum durability. They will withstand all fireplace design use as long as the proper tile cement is used for high temperature areas. They can also be used as mantle tiles on the front of the fireplace.

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