Kitchen Backsplash Tiles, Countertop Tiles & Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

Have a look at what can be done with our decortive ceramic tile, accent tiles when used as kitchen backsplash tiles and as countertop tiles.

We have a selection of repetitive tile designs which can be seen at the decorative tile section and subway tile borders. The two combined produce a truly spectacular kitchen tile design effect. Add our kitchen tile murals in front of the cook top area to enhance kitchen backsplash installations. Custom sizes of the kitchen tile murals are made to fit your required backsplash tile dimensions. If you are interior designers or an individual looking for a unique look then use our high temperature backsplah tiles with a wide color palette to make our ceramic tiles the focal point of your kitchen.

Use either our individual tiles to bring a pop of color and create different patterns for a unique style. You can use our 6×3 inch subway tiles in conjunction with our custom tile murals to create stunning kitchen backsplash tile installations.

If you want a custom backsplash tiles, a work of art with unique colors with a durable option then our unique backsplash and countertop tiles are the way to go. For countertop tiles we recommend our porcelain tile patterns available in different pattern for an extremely durable and perfect fit. Our decorative kitchen backsplash tiles will withstand all cleaning chemeicals and water damage without exception. Instead of a white backsplash use Balian backsplash decorative tiles for a sleek look as a great option to stay away from boring glass mosaic tile which are not a s strong as our porcelain tiles with different colors.

For a classic look use our custom backsplash tiles with natural stone tiles to be used with a stone tile backsplash.

The Balian ceramic tile studio of Jerusalem produces hand painted decorative ceramic tiles since 1922. We  beautify thousands of kitchen, when our clients use our spectacular decorative ceramic tiles as kitchen backsplash tiles and as kitchen tile murals. Above images are just some of the hundreds of kitchen design projects with which we have been involved. Balian decorative tiles are also used as kitchen countertop tiles  which truly give a unique look to any kitchen design project.

For more ideas in regards to Kitchen Backsplash Tile ideas you can check the link shown