Kitchen Backsplash Tiles, Countertop Tiles & Kitchen Tile  Design Ideas

Explore the possibilities of our decorative ceramic tiles and accent tiles when utilized as both kitchen backsplash tiles and countertop tiles. Discover a range of repetitive tile designs showcased in our decorative tile section and subway tile borders, combining to create a truly stunning kitchen tile design effect.

Elevate your kitchen space by incorporating our kitchen tile murals in front of the cooktop area, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your backsplash installations. Tailored to fit your specific dimensions, our custom-sized kitchen tile murals provide a personalized touch.

Whether you’re an interior designer or an individual seeking a distinctive look, consider our high-temperature backsplash tiles. With a broad color palette, these ceramic tiles can become the focal point of your kitchen, adding a touch of uniqueness.

Unleash your creativity by using our individual tiles to infuse pops of color and create diverse patterns, contributing to a one-of-a-kind style. For a striking kitchen backsplash, pair our 6×3 inch subway tiles with custom tile murals, resulting in visually stunning tile installations. Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece with our versatile and aesthetically pleasing tile options.

kitchen backsplash tiles

A simple but beautiful Kitchen backsplash tile layout using our hand decorated accent tiles

hand painted Kitchen backsplash tiles

A backsplash tile mural with subway tiles to create a stunning kitchen backsplash

kitchen tile backsplash
kitchen backsplash tile mural

Our kitchen tile back splash in the Old City of Jerusalem with a tile mural by my late mother, Marie Balian.

Unique Armenian Hand-Painted Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Enhance your kitchen’s functionality and express your style with our exquisite Armenian hand-painted kitchen backsplash tiles. Elevate your space with stunning floral, animal, and geometric designs inspired by ancient Armenian themes.

Cultural Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

Immerse your kitchen in the rich cultural traditions of Armenian art and design. Our hand-painted tiles showcase elaborate floral patterns, vibrant wildlife depictions, and intricate geometric designs inspired by traditional Armenian textiles.

Artistry and Durability

Crafted by skilled artists, our hand-painted tiles are available in ceramic or porcelain. The meticulous design process, whether freehand or stencil-assisted, results in a unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. These tiles, while slightly more expensive than machine-painted alternatives, boast enhanced durability. The paint is baked into the tile, ensuring resistance to fading and chipping over time.

Practicality Meets Aesthetics

Beyond their visual appeal, our hand-painted tiles are a practical choice for kitchen backsplashes. Resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and long-lasting, these tiles offer both beauty and functionality. Their adaptability allows for easy customization to fit any kitchen layout.

Transform Your Kitchen’s Atmosphere

Incorporate our Armenian hand-painted kitchen backsplash tiles to transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Whether used as focal points or covering the entire backsplash, these tiles can be seamlessly integrated with other materials like natural stone or wood for a personalized design.

Why Choose Us?

Discover a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your taste. Our durable tiles withstand cleaning chemicals and water damage, ensuring longevity. For a classic look, pair our custom backsplash tiles with natural stone tiles.

Balian Ceramic Tile Studio: A Legacy of Excellence

Since 1922, the Balian ceramic tile studio in Jerusalem has been a trusted source for hand-painted decorative ceramic tiles. Thousands of kitchens have been beautified with our unique tiles, serving as both kitchen backsplash tiles and tile murals. Explore our extensive portfolio and elevate your kitchen design with Balian decorative tiles.

Create a Timeless Kitchen with Balian

For a custom backsplash that’s both a work of art and a durable option, choose Balian. Explore our porcelain tile patterns for a perfect fit on countertops. Say goodbye to mundane white backsplashes and opt for the sleek elegance of Balian decorative tiles.

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece with Balian’s hand-painted kitchen backsplash tiles. Explore our range and make a statement in your culinary space.

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