Spectacular hand painted tiles and tile patterns

A wonderful and unique world of hand-painted and decorative ceramic tiles

We invite you to go through the links below to see a spectacular range of hand-painted and decorative tiles that we have been producing at our tile studio since 1922.

Balian hand painted tiles are everywhere, adding charm and character to kitchen countertops, wine cellars, bathroom vanities, showers, kitchen backsplashes, and floors. From luxury homes to cottage styles, decorative tile murals instantly add elegance to any bathroom. Interior designers, builders, and architects recommend using custom hand painted tiles and tile murals to their clients, especially those homeowners who are remodeling. Your home decorating says a lot about what is important to you. Not only do painted ceramic tiles add warmth to any room, they also compliment your cabinetry. Hand painted tiles complete your home improvement project by instantly giving any room a designer look. Most of the designs on this page were handed over from generation to generation and also perfected by the family artist  Marie Balian