Waterline pool tiles

Dear Potential Client

Most of our ceramic tiles and pottery are sent/sold to the United States, Europe & Australia. We also send to the rest of the world. We rely on referrals so do our very best to make our clients (from all over the world ) one of the happiest and satisfied customers. There is a tile  & pottery pricing  guide below but best is for you to send us the quantities of tiles and designs needed so that we can send you exact quotations including door to door delivery charges.

We have an initial minimum of $100 plus Delivery charges unless it’s a continuation of a previous order or for samples. Payment is done on our web site by a very secure PayPal system or wire transfer to our bank account in Jerusalem.
The extremely secure US based PayPal system also allows you to have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE option because of our 100% safe and reliable sales history with them. You can also do a wire transfer to our Bank account for larger orders. We will supply all IBAN and wire transfer Info.
This is not a sales pitch but the pictures on the web site really do not do any justice to the actual beauty of our hand painted ceramic tiles/pottery. If we did not value the privacy of our clients, we could have supplied you with hundreds of references from admiring and satisfied customers from all over the world. It takes a lot of extra effort on my part to personally answer all emails from clients and potential clients because I am here to help you every step of the way in fulfilling your ceramic design related needs.
Please do not hesitate to ask me any other questions.
We offer both FEDEX , EMS or DHL Delivery options. We will need quantity and choice of order to give you a final quote which will include cost of goods and delivery charges.
In case or the very rare situation of broken items during shipping please email picture of the broken item to us within 48 hours of receipt and we will send replacement items

Price List (all prices are in $ US)
As of 2023

Ceramic tiles:

All 15x15cm tiles under modular design and single tile sections $ 17 each
All 15×7.5cm border tiles- $ 9 each
All 15x15cm tiles under Religious section  $18 each
All 15x15cm tiles under Jerusalem Scenes $18each
All 15x15cm tiles under Murals section-      $30 each
(Calculate cost of each mural by a multiplying with number of tiles.
E.g. Palm tree mural costs 15 tiles x $ 30= $ 450)
All 15x15cm tiles under Custom Tiles  please consult
Custom sizes & Duplication- Please Consult.

Pottery Plates & Bowls:

Plates- under standard pottery section:

Plate 40cm Diameter $320

Plates 29 cm diam       $70
Plates 20 cm diam       $45


Bowls Large 36cm diameter $ 350

Bowls Medium 30cm $220

Names tiles-Custom names & Numbers section:

15×7.5 cm size- includes inscription -$ 35 each
20x 10 cm size-including inscription -$ 40 each
Style 5 30×45 cm with name/number- $ 160 for set.
House Numbers 15×7.5 cm $10 each

Other custom sizes, colors or designs please check with us.

Hand Painted Pottery