Greek occupation of Kutahya Balian Family story
hand painted potteryBalian Ceramics

The Balian “Lazy Susan”

The Story of the Balian Lazy Susan of Jerusalem. How it was made and the period it was handmade and hand painted at.
decorative pottery vase and plateBalian Ceramics
ceramic table top with decorative tiles

Just finished new ceramic garden table

A few days ago we dinished a beautiful large table adorned with our decorative ceramic tiles. ts quite complicated to make these tales sine you jyst can not glue the tiles on top of the wooden backing. It inlvolves spreading the special silicon adhesive with atrowel and not gluing the tiles on strips or dots of silicon glue. This makes the wood waterproof so that when used in extrior conditions the ceramic table does not buckle up.
Testing cermic colors for decorative tiles

Testing some new ceramic colors

Watch Neshan testing some new colors for a custom tile order. Opening the kiln at 1050 Centigrade and quenching the test pieces without any cracks

My visit to our ancestral home of Gudina, Kutahya

Oday, in Gudina Kutahya,, I walked the streets where my grandparents Neshan & Takouhi had walked with my other grandparents Ohan & Manoushag. I passed by the decaying homes of the Armenian and Greek neighborhood where one of them might…