Hand Painted Decorative Ceramic Tiled Stair Risers & Tile Stairs by Balian

Use our beautiful decorative tiles shown in our website to achieve spectacular tile risers and tile steps.  The tiles can be installed both for interior and exterior tile design projects. Custom sizes can be ordered so as to fit the exact size of your tile risers or tile stairs.

Decorative tiled stair risers are hand painted tiles. Most often used tiles for stairs are 6×6 and they come with many different patterns. Those include Our standard hand painted Balian decorative tiles, custom Victorian Minton Tiles or Art Deco tile art designs. Also, you can buy plain color tile accents adding rustic character to the room. Stair riser tiles are meant for decorating indoor and outdoor staircases in residential homes, and commercial spaces. Stair tiles are glazed therefore water resistant. They should not be installed on steps outside in regions with cold winter climate unless you specify our special porcelain tile risers.

The Balian Tile studio has been producing hand painted decorative ceramic tiles since 1922.  Our unique tiles are hand painted and then fired to a maximum temperature of 1000 Centigrade for maximum durability of  the tile design. You can use our decorative tiles as stair risers, stair tiles and tile stair risers to create beautiful and spectacular effects. Because of their durability they can be used for both inside and outside tile design projects.  Custom tile sizes can be ordered for your tiled stair risers