The Armenian Mosaic Of Jerusalem

The Armenian Tile Mural

Size 45cmx75cm

hand painted tile mural by the Balian studio

The Armenian Mosaic Ceramic Mural

Size 45cmx45cm

Armenian Mosaic Tile mural

The famous Armenian Mosaic of Jerusalem  was discovered in 1895 is in the Musrara quarter near the Damascus Gate. This sumptuous mosaic, measuring 6.5 by 4 mtr., decorated the funerary chapel of St. Polyeuctos, an officer of XXII Roman Legion and a third century soldier-martyr. The mosaic has the same style of workmanship as those from the Mount of Olives, with the same plaited borders as a frame to the decorated central panel. Christian motifs are stressed; the vine scrolls appear to imply life after death, the bird in the cage signifies the incarnation of Christ within the human body; the peacocks drinking from an amphora is and another symbol of life after death. The pavement has an Armenian inscription at its base, which reads, “To the memory and salvation of the souls of all Armenians whose names are known by God alone.”

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