Unique Hand Painted Swimming Pool Liners & Waterline Pool Tiles

Spectacular swimming pool tile designs to be used as swimming pool liners and waterline pool tiles.

For external  locations where temperature falls below freezing on a regular basis ,we recommend our frost resistant pool tile. Hand painted or semi hand painted versions available for all  pool tile and waterline pool liner designs.

Swimming pool liner

Lorie series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Wave series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Vart Waterline pool liner

Vart series 15x15cm Pool Liners

Set series 15x15cm Waterline Pool Tile

Hishams series 15x15cm Waterline Pool Tiles

Chain series 15x15cm Waterline Pool Tile

Swimming pool waterline pool liner tile

Fish series 15x15cm Pool Liner

For more than 30 years the Balian Tile studio of Jerusalem has been hand painting custom ceramic pool liners and swimming pool tiles. The  tile designs are truly unique in their originality and quality to other decorative waterline pool tiles available on the internet. We can also do custom pool liners and waterline pool tile designs according to client specification depending on quantity of tiles ordered. We guarantee our frost resistant tiles for colder climates and recommend the regular pool tiles for climates where temperature does not fall below freezing .