Geometrical and Symmetrical Accent Tiles and Tile Decor Patterns

15x15cm or 20x20cm single tile geometric designs which can be used as accent tiles and inserts for your bathroom and kitchen tile design ideas. These tile patterns can be used both as decorative wall and floor tiles. Use it with our hand painted subway border tile patterns for a spectacular tile effect. All of these designs have a matching border pattern in the tile borders section

Wave Accent Tile 15x15cm

Hishams Accent Tile Pattern 15x15cm

Chains Tile Decor 15×15

Floral Tile Accent 15×15 cm

Bird feather tile pattern

Bird feather Tile Accent 15x15cm

Grape ceramic tile corner pattern

Grape Tile Decor 15×15 cm

Vart ceramic corner tile pattern

Vart Accent Tile 15x15cm

The Balian Tile studio of Jerusalem has been producing hand painted accent tiles and tile decor patterns since 1922. A beautiful collection of geometric and symmetrical accent tiles which can be used for all of your kitchen tile backsplash design projects. You can also use these unique tile decor accents for bathroom tile design projects. Since they are fired to more than 1000 Centigrade after being painted with ceramic colors these accent tiles and decor tiles can also be used as floor tiles for any residential use. They can be used both as internal and exterior tile design applications.