The ceramic  tile is hand painted with special oxides and then fired to about 1000 C. They will withstand all scratches and daily kitchen food splatters . They are ideal for cook top areas, countertops- where cooking in open pots results in oil and other food particles hitting the backsplashes. These tiles can then be cleaned with any detergent without having the slightest effect on the spectacular and beautiful designs.  The images above are just some of the projects which we have done over the years. They use either our standard tile patterns or if need be we will work with our clients and interior designers to fit all of your kitchen backsplash tile design concepts. Feel free to email us your kitchen backsplash dimensions for advise on kitchen tile layouts and kitchen design ideas from us. 

Exclusive Ceramic Kitchen tile designs, tile backsplash, remodeling  & kitchen design projects. Kitchen countertops, backsplash tiles , Kitchen designs, tile design ideas from the original Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.

 Tile Backsplash Ideas, Designs, Kitchen Countertops & Decor achieved by our clients.     
Kitchen floor tiles
Michael Kolodner's Kitchen Design
Kitchen Tile Design 1
kitchen floor tiles
Kitchen tile mural
Kitchen tile backsplash
Tile backsplash mural
kitchen design idea
Backsplash Tiles 2
Ryan's Kitchen Wall tile
backsplash tile
kitchen backsplash tile ideas
Amy & Andreas' Kitchen Tile  Backsplash
Kitchen Tile Backsplash  Design - Johnson
backsplash tile idea
kitchen tiles
tile backsplah design
backsplash tile idea
Kitchen countertops
kitchen backsplash mural
Nutter's Kitchen Countertop
  Kitchen Wall Tile -Design 5
Katherine's Kitchen Design Idea
Carol's Kitchen Design
John Walter's Kitchen Backsplash Tiles
Kitchen Designs- 4