Exclusive decorative tile and hand painted decorative ceramic tiles from the original Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.

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The hand painted ceramic tiles and handmade pottery of The Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions. The zenith being the solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C. in 1992. Our pottery has also been the subject of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide. These include The Washington Post , The LA Times ,The Chicago Tribune
& The New York Times
Some copies of these articles can be seen on this web site on the What they write about us page.
Original and authentic  Balian Pottery  is sold only at our factory and retail outlet on 14 Nablus Rd. East Jerusalem( and now on our web site). The present location of our factory  is where the true form of art known as Armenian Pottery was born. We are the only  ceramic studio in Jerusalem producing our own ceramic ware, pool tiles, collector plates, decorative plates, decorative tiles by methods handed over to us by our grandparents and parents.

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