Custom Ceramic Tiles and Custom Tile reproductions from one of the oldest tile studios in the world.
Custom Tile Designs & Duplications on Tile
Exclusive custom ceramic tile designs and tile design ideas from the original
Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.
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Digital custom tile reproduction
custom tile
Textile sample provided to us.
Design duplicated with ceramic colors on 15x15cm(6x6") tile.

This is a unique service given to our clients whereby any image or sample (such as textile, wallpaper, another tile etc) provided to us is duplicated on ceramic tile. This process is true ceramic decoration with actual permanent ceramic colors fired to a temperature of 900C(        ) in a ceramic kiln. Unlike all other processes available in the market ,such as sublimation printing etc, the colors are permanent and will never fade or scratch away under any condition. As they say the sky is the limit with what can be done with this system in terms of  design capabilities, huge murals etc. Please consult with us for further information and pricing.

Design duplicated with ceramic colors on 20 tile mural.
75x60cm (30x24")
A Renoir sample painting provided to us.
A Raphael sample painting provided to us.
Design duplicated with ceramic colors on a 15 tile mural.
75x45cm (30x18")
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