Decorative Tile Borders & Subway Tiles

Use our subway tiles and tile borders

shown below for a truly spectacular tile effects in your bathroom tile and kitchen tile design projects.

The Balian tile studio has been producing hand painted decorative subway tiles and tile borders since 1922. Each tile is a piece of decorative tile art which our clients have been using in their tile design projects for many years, Use these tile borders and subway tiles in conjunction with our accent tiles and tile murals to give a truly unique look to your bathroom and kitchen tile projects. You can use the tile border along the kitchen tile backsplash in one row and then mix  a few accent tiles with them to give a spectacular tile backsplash design effect. Use it with a tile mural in front of the cook top area to further enhance the beauty of your kitchen tiles. You can get more Kitchen Tile Design Ideas by clicking on the link

Same great effect can be created using the decorative subway tiles and tile borders in your bathroom design ideas. Use the subway tile as a liner across the bathroom with a main tile mural in the shower area. You can get ideas at the bathroom design ideas section by clicking on the hyperlink.