Spectacular Black & White Decorative Tile Designs by Balian

15×15 cm Decorative Black & White Ceramic Tiles With Various Patterns and Tile Design Combinations

Made with a combination of hand screening and hand painting these unique black & White Tile designs add a subdued decorative element to any bathroom or kitchen tile design project. Combine these B&W decorative tiles  together or with matching tile borders for a fantastic effect.

These series of beautiful black & white patterns compliment the range of colorful decorative tiles produced by our tile studio. They are mostly used as a repetitive pattern where clients like our decorative tile patterns but prefer the subdued effect of the monochromatic decorative tiles. The tiles are used in bathroom designs and also as kitchen tile backsplashes. The decorative effect can be enhanced by placing similar tile patterns side by side and expanding this decorative effect as large as desired by the client. The series also has matching black and white border patterns to frame the rest of the decorative layout.

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Since 1922 the Balian Tile Studio of Jerusalem has been producing decorative ceramic tiles of the highest quality and beauty. Our tiles are fired to about 1000 Centigrade so as to give maximum durability to the hand painted or silk screened tile designs which you see above. Use them also as residential floor tiles in your bathroom or kitchen tile design projects. Will withstand all interior or exterior installation. For frost resistance we recommend ordering these decorative tile patterns on our porcelain tiles.