Accent Tiles & Tile Decor Designs

which can be used to enhance your kitchen, bathroom & floor tile projects .

The tile accents and tile patterns shown are divided into two design section,

One is floral and animal tile designs and the other is a selection of more geometric patterns. The geometric tile patterns match very nicely the subway border tiles shown in the tile borders section. All of these patterns are available in a tile size of either 15x15cm or 20x20cm. Custom tile designs and sizes are also available upon request with minimum tile quantity requirements

The Balian Tile Studio of Jerusalem has been producing spectacular hand painted accent tiles and tile decor designs since 1922. All of our accent tiles are produced using techniques handed over to us through more than four generations of Balian potters. The tile accents are adorned with beautiful animal, flower and geometrical designs to beautify and kitchen tile backsplash design installation or bathroom tile design project. Since these accent tiles are fired to more than 1000 Centigrade after intricate hand painting, we recommend our clients to use them both as wall and floor tiles. You can also use these  tiles for interior and exterior tile design installations.