Unique decorative tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramic tile murals, tile art and tile designs from the Balian family of Jerusalem. Tiles to be used as bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, pool tiles and whatever your imagination comes up with.
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Sorry to be immodest but here are just a sample of client comments  - Enjoy!!

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Satisfied Clients
I received my tiles today. They are more beautiful in person. The packing was amazing. They came all the way to the United States with not a single chip or crack. I will be back for more tiles soon.

Thank you , 

Rob Hastings

I was elated to have seen the delivery person with my Balian package today.  The plates are just as beautiful as the tiles I already have from you.  Thank you again for such wonderful craftsmanship!
Take care,
Nita Guthrie - USA

Dear Mary ,

Craig & I ordered pool tile from Neshan our pool that is under construction. The tile was installed at the water line. I was so beautiful that I actually decided to delay the construction of the pool so that I  could incorporate more tile in the final design. To date we have ordered 3 times from Neshan with each order we were totally satisfied and thrilled with the quality. All the tiles arrived without any breakage. Your wait is well worth it. I would definitely recommend Neshan my friends (& actually have a friend interested in obtaining a pool mural from him in the near future after having seen my tile. I understand any trepidation you may have had in ordering  a product from such a distance & in blind faith as we  had similar concerns but, we are happy to let you know that Neshan is an honorable man with a fabulous product.

Feel free to e mail us in the future - By the way what did you choose ?
Regards ,
Craig & Karen Robertson - USA


Dear Neshan,

They just installed the tile yesterday, and it looks great, fantastic.  The pool is just a cement hole, but the tile is, as the kids say here, the bomb. 


Craig Robertson - USA

Aloha Mary

Hawaii indeed.  I'm an architect in Honolulu.  I had some trepidation about ordering over the internet from someone I didn't know on the other side of the world, and making payment in advance, but my internet research suggested that Neshan's company was respected and legitimate.  Our experience has confirmed this.

We would love a picture when your pool is done.  I'll reciprocate.  Pool shell is done.  No work yet on coping or tile.

Phil Haisley, AIA

Honolulu, Hawaii

Neshan, the tiles are beautiful.  I have already made 4 tables using your tiles as the center tile.  Thanks so much.

My brother in law, Worth Madry, should be getting in touch with you via email about purchasing some tiles.  He saw mine and he thought they were beautiful.  He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thanks again and I hope to have another order soon.

Linda - USA

Dear Neshan!

The tiles have arrived, and they are quite beautiful, exactly as I expected.  Thank you for your excellent service.  My husband was thrilled by this surprise!  

With my sincerest thanks and appreciation--

Judith - USA

Dear Neshan –

My daughter received the dishes/pottery yesterday.  And to quote her “AMAZING!”  She and her husband just love them.  It was a total surprise.  Everything arrived in perfect condition.

Now to my next question.  I thought I would get another set of six for Christmas.  This way they will have service for 12.  How far ahead should I order them?

Thank you again!


Stephanie Osrin - USA

Dear Neshan:

The tiles arrived today.  You are incredibly efficient.  I love them.  Thanks so much.

Judye Groner - USA

Dear Neshan,

I have received the tiles and they are BEAUTIFUL !   I am so pleased with them - thank you very much.  I appreciate your speedy responses and help throughout this transaction and hope to do business with you and your company again.

Wishing you Peace and Happiness.

with Regards,

Anne Cator - USA

THANK YOU THANK YOU, the pottery arrived in perfect condition. We love it, will be ordering more in the future.

Peace & Love,

Diane - USA

I just wanted to send a quick greeting.  I was looking for tiles here in Seattle, Washington and your site was one of the first names to come up in the search. It was interesting to be instantly transported to another part of the world and I enjoyed seeing your work.  Too bad most of what the world sees are terrible news headlines not what beautiful things are produced in your area.
Much success with your work. 
From a fellow ceramic artist.
Alison Gooding - USA

A big THANK YOU!  We ordered the Cyprus mural Saturday and they arrived 5 days later.  Wonderful!  They are exactly as pictured on your website.  Your packaging was perfect and not a chip or crack.  We will be ordering more within the next week.  If you get any potential customers in the US and they want a reference - give my email address out.  I will tell them how professional you are and how lovely your tiles are.  Again, thank you.

Deidre Mefford - USA

Dear Neshan,

The Peacock came today and is already on the bathroom wall over the bathtub.  It is every bit as beautiful as I thought. I like having something that reminds me that beauty and spirit remain alive in our war-torn, upside down world. 

The man who is building the new bathroom is Palestinian from Beirut.   I guess his family had to leave many years ago. But when I mentioned Jerusalem he said, "That is my country." 

The peacocks remind me that we are all tied together around this planet, more alike than we think.

Your company's quality of workmanship and service are phenomenal.   I can't order non-standard tile from an American manufacturer without waiting AT LEAST 1-2 weeks.  And perhaps I could with overnight delivery.  But I haven't seen anything that made me even think  of it as your tiles did.

Peace be with you.  I  pray for peace in your land.  At least may you have peace in your heart.


Mary Clare - USA

For Mr. Neshan Balian:

Dear Neshan,

Another very satisfied repeat customer.

Many thanks and kind regards. 

Tim - USA

Dear Neshan,

I just wanted to let you know that we received our tile order today, and everything arrived safely.  Thank you for the beautiful vase which you included.  It will look wonderful in our new bathroom, with the tile.  We are very excited to use your tiles.  When our project is finished, perhaps we can e-mail you a picture of the finished product. 

Jane Sahmel - USA

Hello Neshan,

The tiles arrived yesterday, safe and sound.  I have to agree with you;  the web pictures are nice, but the "real thing" is so much more beautiful.  I could not be more pleased.  The tiles are exactly what I wanted for my new house.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks so much,

Connie Williams - USA

Just to let you know: they have arrived!!!! And they are so beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I could not believe how well and carefully they were packed. Every bit of the package speaks of care, love for detail and craftsmanship. We will honor it

I will let you know when we have pictures.


Gabriele Ulbig - USA