We can also do custom pool liners and and and and and and and pool designs to your specifications. Please email us images of your pool liner patterns which you want reproduced on tile so that we can send you a quote for spectacular swimming pool designs. No project is too small or too large for us. The swimming  pool tile patterns which you see on this page are just one of many which can be painted for all of your design needs. We have done swimming pools from Hawaii to the Philippines with impeccable references which we can gladly email to you. Swimming Pool liners and hand painted  pool tiles are hand painted and designed on special ceramic tiles which will withstand extreme chemical and physical conditions. The pool tiles and liners are fired to a maximum temperature of a 1000 degrees Celsius so as to give maximum color and design durability to the pool liner. Add unique pool liners and ceramic tile designs for al of your swimming pool designs and  projects. 

The tiles and pottery of The Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions. The zenith being the solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C. in 1992. Our pottery has also been the subject of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide. These include The Washington Post , The LA Times ,The Chicago Tribune & The New York Times
Some copies of these articles can be seen on this web site on the What they write about us page.
Original and authentic  Balian Pottery  is sold only at our factory and retail outlet on 14 Nablus Rd. East Jerusalem( and now on our web site). The present location of our factory  is where the true form of art known as Armenian Pottery was born. We are the only  ceramic studio in Jerusalem producing our own ceramic ware and pool tiles by methods handed over to us by our grandparents and parents.

One of the most exciting things about tile patterns is the ability to recreate certain time periods. For example, different types of ceramic tile both with and without exquisite trim tiles have been made since the late 1800's. If you want a period Victorian ceramic tile, it can be found, even one with a crackled glaze. Crackled glazing has hundreds of random cracks in the thin glazing. Many people love this unique look and pattern. If you think ceramic tile patterns are boring now, you should have seen the somewhat limited supply of patterns just twenty years ago. Go back even further in time and the choice gets smaller. The small mosaic pool liners  found in many pools  are giving way to all sorts of interesting shapes and finishes.

Swimming Pool tiles shown on this page are  15x15cm  or 6x6 inches. Custom sizes and designs available by request

cutom liner swimming pool B2 dark blue
B2 swimming pool pool tiles
B4  liners 6x6 inch light blue pool design tile
Fish pattern 6x6 inch swimming pool tile  design
Q3 Dark blue 15x15cm(6x6 inch)  hand painted liner design
Spectacular pool design with hand painted tile
unique  look with the Q3 pool tile liner

Pool liner Q3 6x6 inch hand painted tile Dark blue

B4 Light blue 15x15cm(6x6 inch) ceramic liner for pools
B2 Dark blue 15x15cm(6x6 inch) pool tiles
B2 Light blue 15x15cm(6x6 inch) Swimming pool hand painted tile
Fish 15x15cm(6x6 inch) pool liners
Q3 Light blue 15x15cm(6x6 inch) pool liners
B2 pool liners
Swimming pool design with tile
Fish pattern at the water level for unique swimming pool designs
Waterline pool liner
hand painted pool tile Q3
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          Exclusive Hand Painted Swimming Pool Tiles and Waterline Liners by Balian