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B7 bird decorative tile borders
Classic  B2 decorative tile borders by Balian
Painted B4 tile borders

All the hand painted  ceramic decorative tile borders in these series are painted with the unique technique of under glaze ceramic hand painting. The tile border pattern is first outlined with the black color and then the rest of the colors are hand painted on the tile. Once all the colors are applied the tile is glazed with a transparent lead free glaze and placed in a ceramic kiln. The kiln is fired up to a temperature of 1000 degrees centigrade (red hot) whereby the ceramic colors are sealed with the melting of the transparent glaze on the surface of the tile. The firing usually takes a cycle of about twenty four hours from start to finish.

A second type of decoration which we use is that of in glaze hand painted ceramic art tile decoration. In this case the black outline is applied to the surface of a glazed and fired tile and then the colors applied by hand. The tile borders are again fired to a temperature of about 1000 degrees centigrade where the colors melt into the glaze of the tile borders.

All of these techniques have been handed over to us throughout more than 80 years of the Balian Tile history from father to son and to daughter. There are very few other tile studios worldwide  which match the intricacy and brilliance of the patterns which we hand paint to this present day.

   The  ceramic decorative tile borders and pottery of The Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions.

All our decorative tile borders are based on the 15x7.5 cm or 6x3 inch size.  The decorative tile borders can be also be  special ordered in the 20x10cm or 8x4 inch sizes.
Exclusive hand painted ceramic decorative tile borders and tile art from the original Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.
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