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Exclusive hand-painted ceramic floors, tile floors, bathroom floor designs with tile, floor tile murals for your kitchens, floor remodeling ideas, Kitchen tiles and tile design projects. Custom tiles for your floors and your tile designs from the original Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem.
achieved by some of our clients.

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Watermead Homes UK veranda tiled floor project
Kitchen Tiles as floor Design
Beautiflu tile floor with 20x20cm hand painted tiles
 Kitchen floor ceramic tiles design idea in Jerusalem by Stein
Our ceramic tile floors are available on 6x6 inch(15x15cm) or 8x8inch(20x20cm) ceramic tiles. If they are to be used in small areas then the glossy tiles will be fine. If larger floor areas are to be covered then we recommend that the patterns are made on matt surfaced tiles so as to be as anti slip as possible. The decoration on the ceramic tile is either painted by hand or hand silk screened. The special ceramic colors which we apply are then fired in kilns to a temperature of 1000C so that they become part of the glaze of the ceramic tile. The floor tile will withstand all exterior and interior traffic and weather conditions. The floor tiles can be cleaned in the same manner as a regular floor tile is .

In regards to installation we strongly recommend that the tiles are installed by an experienced tile installer. Even thin ceramic tile floors can be installed on the floor as long as the tile cement covers the whole of the back of the tile. Any air pockets or areas where the tile cement is not present becomes the weakest point of the tile. As long as the tile cement covers the back of the  tile evenly then these tiles will last for years and years without the slightest cracks or discolorations.

Please enquire by email any custom designs which you would like to have made as tiles to be used on the floor.

 Unique hand-painted tiles for your kitchen tile designs & projects by the Balian family of Jerusalem. Quality hand-painted and custom ceramic tiles since 1922.The present location of our factory  is where the true form of art known as Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem was born. We are the only studio in Jerusalem producing our own ceramic ware and   tiles by methods handed over to us by our grandparents and parents

small ceramic floor tiles in California by Santokh
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