Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles, The following project was done for the Singer Foundation of Carmel Ca. We are indebted to Margaret Kaplan for the trust which she placed in us for this extremely complicated project. The art was sent over to us in the form of pictures and posters. We duplicated them on ceramic tiles with a newly developed digital ceramic reproduction technique recently developed in Europe. The tiles are extremely durable and permanent. 

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Bathroom Tiles - Murals

Most of our painted ceramic tile can be used both as floor tiles and wall tiles



All the decorative ceramic bathroom tile design murals in these series are produced with the unique technique of in glaze ceramic hand painting. In this case the pattern is applied to the surface of a glazed and fired tile and then  fired to a temperature of about 900 degrees centigrade where the colors melt into the glaze of the tile.

The tile images to be reproduced were provided to us by Margaret Kaplan of the Singer Foundation in the form of posters and digital files. These files in return were transferred to the surface of the tiles with a unique technique recently developed in Europe. As you can see when you browse through the different images that the only limitation to what kind of patterns you can do on tiles is your imagination.

All of these techniques have been handed over to us throughout more than 80 years of the Balian Tile history from father to son and to daughter. There are very few other tile studios worldwide  which match the intricacy and brilliance of the range patterns  and quality which we produce to this present day.

The hand painted ceramic tiles and pottery of Balian Armenian Ceramics have been exhibited all over the world in various museums and institutions. The zenith being the solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C. in 1992 and at  ALMA (The Armenian Library and Museum of America in Boston MA). Our pottery has also been the subject of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide. These include The New York Times , The Washington Post, The Irish Times and The Chicago Tribune. Some copies of these articles can be seen on this web site at the What They Write About Us  pages. Original and authentic  Balian Armenian Ceramics  is sold only at our factory and retail outlet on 14 Nablus Rd. East Jerusalem( and now on our web site). The present location of our factory  is where the true form of art known as Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem was born. We are the only studio in Jerusalem producing our own ceramic ware and bathroom tiles by methods handed over to us by our grandparents and parents.